Businesses Gear Up for Social District Opening

Businesses Gear Up for Social District Opening

by Manuela Kress

OSCODA - The Edelweiss Tavern, Office Lounge and Grill and Tait's Bill of Fare are all gear­ing up for the upcoming opening of Oscoda's downtown social district. The three businesses all received their first shipment of 16-ounce plastic cups (BPA free) to use for the opening of the district. The township paid for the first allotment of cups.

According to Kat Bol, owner of the Edelweiss Tavern with her husband Tony, the district is expected to open on June 1, after the Memorial Day weekend.  Patrons will be provided with maps and rules of the social district.

The Oscoda Township Board of Trustees passed resolutions supporting special social district permits for the three establishments at their most recent board meeting held on May 9.  The three businesses all have their individua applications pending with the State.  Although the applications are going to be expedited, according to Bol all of the requirements, including signage throughout the district, won’t be met prior to the Memorial Day weekend.

Between now and June 1 staff at he three businesses will be trained on the Michigan Liquor Control Commission’s rules regarding the social district.

Customers will be able to purchase a cup at any of the businesses but according to Bol they will need to finish their drink or dump it out before going into a different participating bar or restaurant.  The rules of the program are available on the Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Liquor Control Commission’s website.

Bol said she is very excited about the opening of the social district and that the three businesses are meeting on a regular basis to plan upcoming events such as block parties. 

According to LARA’s website, as of May 13 there were 85 social districts in the state.  Oscoda Township is the only municipality in Iosco County with ab established social district.  The only other social district in surrounding counties is located in the City of Alpena.

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