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General Notice

Charter Township of Oscoda (Owner) is requesting Bids for the construction of the following Project:

Sewage Lagoon Sludge Removal


Sealed Bids for the construction of the Project will be received at 110 S. State Street #2, Oscoda, MI 48750 until June 25, 2024 at 3 p.m. local time. At that time, the Bids received will be publicly opened and read.

The Project includes the following Work:

The removal and proper disposal of sewage lagoon sludge.

Principal items of work include but are not limited to:

5,500      Cyd     Non hazard Contaminated Material Handling and Disposal

1 LSUM Dewatering

Bids will be received for a single prime Contract: Sewage Lagoon Sludge Removal, 2300788C The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is:

ROWE Professional Services Company

540 S. Saginaw Street, Ste 200, Flint, MI 48502

Obtaining the Bidding Documents

Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office on Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents from the Issuing Office as described below.

Bidding Documents also may be examined at Dodge Data & Analytics; Construction Association of Michigan; the Builders Exchange of Lansing (Builders Exchanges are authorized to share the contract documents with other exchanges of Michigan); and the office of the Engineer, 540 S. Saginaw Street, Ste 200, Flint, MI 48502 on Monday through Thursday during regular business hours.

Drawings, Specifications, and other Contract documents for submitting a bid must be obtained upon application at the office of ROWE Professional Services Company, upon the payment of $40 per set for prints, or $30 for portable document format (PDF) files which can be obtained after completing the Request Bid Package form found at There is a 3 percent convenience fee on all credit card fees. The website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. Prints and PDF files may be purchased together for $60.

Partial sets of Bidding Documents will not be available from the Issuing Office. Plans and specifications will not be mailed/e-mailed until payment is received. The non-refundable fee shall be by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover accepted) or in check form and shall be drawn payable to ROWE Professional Services Company. The Engineer's address is ROWE Professional Services Company, 540 S. Saginaw Street, Ste 200, Flint, MI 48502 and the telephone number is (810) 341-7500. Bidding documents must be purchased from the Engineer. Bids submitted on forms obtained anywhere besides the office of ROWE Professional Services Company will not be accepted. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be

responsible for full or partial sets of Bidding Documents, including Addenda if any, obtained from sources other than the Issuing Office.

Instructions to Bidders

Bid security shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

The above-referenced project is for services related to a project that is subject to the Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) requirements under Title IX of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“IIJA”), Pub. L. 177-58. Absent an approved waiver, all iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials used in this project must be produced in the United States, as further outlined by the Office of Management and Budget’s Memorandum M-22-11, Initial Implementation Guidance on Application of Buy America Preference in Federal Financial Assistance Programs for Infrastructure, April 18, 2022.

The above-referenced project is also a federally funded activity authorized under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. All successful bidders must comply with the federal labor standards, including the Davis-Bacon Act and the Copeland Anti-Kickback legislation; federal equal opportunity requirements; and Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.

Charter Township of Oscoda, hereinafter called the Owner, reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to waive any formality or technicality in any Proposal in the interest of the Owner.

Owner: Charter Township of Oscoda Date:  May 2024