Code Compliance

It is the responsibility of the Ordinance Compliance Officer to enforce certain ordinances and codes within the Township pertaining to nuisance & noncriminal violations. The compliance officer has the authority to write citations and has the responsibility of representing the Township in court regarding the disposition of the citations. The Ordinance Compliance Officer responds to residents, both in person and by telephone regarding the Township's Ordinances and is responsible for issuing the majority of nuisance and noncriminal violations. The Officer reports directly to the Director of Public Services.

Primary Duties

  1. Periodically patrols or inspects the Township to monitor for violations of local codes.
  2. Responds to complaints of potential violations relating to trash removal, signage, nuisance, construction site complaints, land use, zoning, storage, noise, dumping, clearing and grading, and other code related matters.
  3. Conducts field investigations of potential violations, gathers evidence, questions or interrogates complainants, witnesses, and suspects, compares facts to code requirements, makes findings, and issues warnings, correction notices, or citations.
  4. Meets with owners, tenants, contractors, developers, businesses, etc. to review and explain code requirements and violations or potential violations. Secures code compliance and provides information to persons who request information or assistance in code enforcement matters.
  5. Maintains a variety of logs and records related to inspection and enforcement activities and prepares records of removal of illegal signs.
  6. Reviews cases being prepared for trial with emphasis on the evidentiary and legal issues crucial to a successful prosecution. Prepares detailed reports of activities and investigations made; consults with prosecutors and prepares case reports for court action and testifies in court.
  7. Coordinates efforts with the police, fire, building, water and sewer, engineering, planning, and finance departments and outside agencies to assist residents in resolving their complaints and obtaining ordinance compliance. 

Township’s Code of Ordinances is now live on and you may view it by clicking on this link: