Meter Service Policy

Oscoda Township Water & Sewer Department Office Hours:  8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday

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To better serve Oscoda Township water supply customers, and eliminate doubt and unnecessary service work, the following policy for water meter accuracy concerns will be followed.

If you believe you are being billed for more water than you are using, you should monitor your usage daily.  After you have monitored your usage and investigated for any leaks (no matter how small, they add up) you may request a service call to your location.  This will only be to verify that our equipment is in good working order or to check for any leaks with a “flow meter.”  We cannot help you find your leak, only to verify the existence of a leak.  (On occasion, a toilet may have been left running, causing excessive water use, but has since stopped running.  There is no way to detect this occurrence.)  If a leak is detected, a plumber should be called.

As a matter of general understanding, water meters do not over register.  Over a period of time meter wear and deterioration lead to under registering, especially at low flows.  Water will only be called to go through the meter when it is being “called” to do so. 

If you still dispute the accuracy of the meter and demand that it be changed, certain expenses will be billed to you.

If we remove the meter and test it for accuracy (this is done through an independent testing company, not Oscoda Township) you will be billed for the cost of removing and testing it.  The meters are tested on a five device testing bench which includes a pressure gauge, a calibrated test meter, a flow meter, sized orifices, and a calibrated tank to receive the test flow.  There has never been a meter tested that has over registered water use.  If you request that it be tested by a company of your choice, you will be billed for all costs associated with the testing.

If the meter test results show the meter to be in good working order, you will also be charged for the new meter that was installed.