Board of Review

The Oscoda Township Board of Review consists of three electors appointed by the Township Board for two-year terms which expire at noon on January 1 of odd-numbered years. The current board members are:

John Servinsky 
Jackie Gonterman
David Gottleber
The Board begins its meetings in March on Tuesday following the first Monday. The purpose of this organizational meeting is to review the current assessment roll in order to determine if all taxable property has been properly assessed and to correct errors. The Board also meets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of the following week to hear appeals from property owners or their agents regarding the assessed and taxable values and property classifications established by the assessor. Letters of protest may also be submitted to the Board for review however these letters must be received prior to the Saturday meeting. The Board of Review may adjust individual assessments as it sees necessary.
The Board of Review may also meet in July and December, for dates and times please call the assessor’s office. At these meetings the Board can grant Principle Residence Exemptions that were not on the Tax Roll for the current or three previous years, the board also addresses correction of clerical errors or mutual mistakes of fact.

Hardship or Poverty Exemptions and Disabled Veterans Exemptions are handled by the Board of Review at the March, July, and December meetings. Applications for these exemptions must be obtained from the assessor’s office in advance and returned no later than the day before the meeting.

For more information, please contact the Assessor at (989)739-3211 Ext.240.